According to Google, 97% of consumers are using the internet to find local businesses. I knew the number was high but this just confirms the total shift in the way we shop.

As businesses scramble to get online there is still a lot of confusion as to what method to use to get noticed online. The first thing small businesses owners should consider is what type of results show up when someone searches for their product or services. There are typically three types of listing results when someone searches on Google:

Organic results

Organic results are what you’d typically find when searching for a broad term on the net such as Search Engine Optimization. These listings usually have a URL and description only. The organic results are often displayed when there aren’t many local companies or businesses with physical addresses that cater to that specific search term.

Local Results

Local results or Google Places results show up when there are several businesses in the local area that focus on your specific search term. These listings usually have the website url, company name and business address, phone number, a map icon, and some review statistics.

Blended Results

Blended results are a combination of Organic results and local listings. Some listings will have a web address and description and some of the listings will show local business names with the phone number, address, maps, and maybe some reviews.
It’s important to understand which type of listings show up when you’re doing SEO for your business. There is a big difference in the way you optimize for local results vs organic search results. By knowing what types of listings show up for your targeted search terms you’ll be able to do SEO that will get that particular listing ranked higher. The good news is that there are things you can do that will improve both types of listings. Check out our posts on small business seo to learn more.
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Published On: August 6th, 2012 / Categories: Internet Marketing /