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Nowadays a professional-looking website is no longer an option.

People are searching online and businesses must have a great looking website to represent their company. That being said, all websites are definitely not created equal. COMO SEO specializes in Columbia MO web design with a focus on modern graphics, a positive visitor experience, and coding that is search engine friendly.

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Here are a few factors to consider so that you get the best web design Columbia MO has to offer:


Ever visit a site that looks like it was created in the 90’s? What’s the first thing that goes through your mind? Your website is a direct reflection of your business. If visitors find a clean looking and modern site then it will give them confidence that you’re a reputable company. If you want your business to be professional it’s important that your website portrays it that way.

Usability and visitor experience

When someone visits a website they need to find what they are looking for in about 3 seconds or less. Otherwise they will get frustrated and go somewhere else. This is what we refer to as usability and user experience. There is so much information on the web and it only takes a click to hit the back button so it’s important that your site is as user friendly and engaging as possible. Many new website owners or website designers make the mistake of thinking that more is better. If you want proof that this is totally not the case just look at the simplicity of the #1 website in the world:

Google’s Website

Turning visitors into customers

Your website should be more then just a landing page with some information, it should encourage people to take action. Whether it’s coming to your store, joining your organization, or ordering your product, turning visitors into customers should be your number one priority. Each business is different so we can work together with you to ensure that people are not just visiting your site and leaving. Getting them to take action is one of our main goals.

Design and coding

Did you know that a website that isn’t built correctly can be almost impossible to find on the search engines? Many businesses hire a web design company with no knowledge of SEO and then find out later that all the money they spent was a waste because it can’t be optimized well for search engines. We understand how to create websites that look great and are coded to be search engine friendly. Before you hire a Columbia MO web design company ask them what measures they take to ensure that the site can be optimized well for search.

COMO SEO is a web design company in Columbia MO that specializes in fresh graphics, simple and user friendly designs, and search engine friendly coding. Feel free to call us or fill out our form for a free consultation.

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