How local SEO is different

If you search Google for a local business you’ll notice that there are often several different types of search results that show up. Sometimes you’ll see sponsored links at the top of the page. These usually have a yellow or shaded background and are considered paid ads. Other times there will be 7-10 local listing show up. These are what internet marketers refer to as the “seven pack”. The “seven pack” listings usually include the company name, address, phone, and some type of feedback score. There is also a type of listing called blended results which is a combination of local listings and regular organic listings.

When performing SEO it’s important to understand the different types of listings and how to rank high in whatever type of listing is showing up. Ranking a local listing is different than ranking an organic listing. Before you hire an SEO company it’s a good idea to make sure they know the difference. By doing SEO for both local and organic you can actually end up with multiple listings on the first page. ComoSEO offers local and small business SEO in Columbia MO to help your business show up at the top of the local business listings.

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