There’s a big difference in just having a website and having a great website that attracts visitors and convinces them to take action. Here are five factors that are essential for a great website:


Whenever you visit a site it only takes a few seconds to determine weather it was professionally built or not. A fresh design will make you stand out from your competition and help build client trust in your business. Your website is like your online business card and it’s important that the design be clean, modern, and professional.


Have you ever landed on a website and spent minutes trying to find what you’re looking for only to leave frustrated? First impressions are everything and it’s important that your site is simple and easy to navigate. A visitor should be able to find what they are looking for in just a few seconds or they’re likely to hit the back button and go somewhere else.


A professionally build website should be free of html errors and be structured in a way so that it’s easy to crawl by search engines. If a website isn’t coded correctly it can cause problems like browser errors, security issues, and slow page load time. A well build site will be free of errors and also load fast which improves user experience and helps in search ranking.


Having a website is great, but only if it can be found easily when people search for your products or services. Many businesses hire a web design company with little or no knowledge of SEO. The sad part is that they find out later that their website is virtually impossible to get ranked high in search engines because it wasn’t build correctly. A properly build website will be easy to optimize for search engines so potential customers can find it easily online.


Your website should not only act as a landing page but as a way to convert as well. Whether you want customers to call your business, order a product, or sign up for your newsletter, your website should get visitors to take action. By having a set goal and then tracking your sites effectiveness you can make changes to improve conversions.

Published On: August 12th, 2012 / Categories: Web Design /