Simple is better for website design

When you visit a website how long do you spend trying to find what you’re looking for? Chances are if you don’t see it in about 5 seconds or less then you’ll hit the back button. Complicated sites with lots of information used to be popular but studies have shown that a simple website with several key factors convert visitors into readers and customers. Here are some important design notes to remember:

1. Use heading tags: Heading tags separate sections so visitors can scan quickly to find infor they’re looking for.

2. Use sub-headers: Sub-headers further break down the long paragraphs to make navigation simple.
3. Use lists and bullet points: People love bullet points and lists because it makes reading quickly very easy.
4. Include color photos and videos: Nowadays people often prefer images or videos instead of text. As fast paced as today’s society is many people don’t have time to read long articles.

Learn more about how to improve user experience by visiting Search Engine Journal article called Appearance Matters.

Published On: October 1st, 2012 / Categories: Uncategorized /